Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why, Hello!

I'm the worst blogger ever.  Did I mention that before?  No.  Well, darn, I should of.  But the thing is, I don't really care.  I don't care that it's been however long since I've posted because I do this for me.  Not for you.  Is there even a you?  I do this because I've been in love with blogging since 2005.  Yep, that's right 2005.  This is the 4th? blog that I've started.  I've actually had one for over a year ... but I deleted it because my emotions came into play. 

I kind of want to change the focus of this blog ... just a bit, to a lifestyle/decor/diy/everything else my heart desires blog.  Because that's who I am.  I can't focus on just one thing.  I want to express myself it magical ways.  Magical?  Did I just say magical ways?  WOW!  Moving on ...

I want to blog about my impending trip to Disney World (again), I want to blog about my Instagram photos, I want to blog about the wall I will paint, the furniture I will buy, my impending decisions on a desk or not a desk, I want to blog about my cat.  Yes, my cat.  I want, I want, I want ... so I will.

/end rant.

I'll decipher what I'm blogging by my labels obviously.  I may as well tell you now ... 

DIY/DECOR: Apartment Things, [specific room]
DISNEY WORLD: Disney Dreaming
INSTAGRAM: Instagramin'

And last but not least ...
RAMBLING (like this post): End Rant

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