Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Grown Up Purchase

My best friend (hi Josie!) came down to visit me this past weekend, and through all our late nights and watching The OC, we had a mission ... a mission to find me a couch.  Two days, and seven furniture stores (there were more non-furniture specific stores -- we are girls after all, hah) later, I bought a couch.

It's a Steven and Chris, Canadian made, beaut of a couch.  It was a bit more than what I was looking to spend -- but a girl fell in love, what can I say?  Excuse the iPhone photo but here's a shot I snapped in the store. 

Just look at those lines.  Oh those glorious lines!  Two cushion couches beat three cushion couches (in my mind) any day.  And those legs.  I have to say when it comes to couches; I'm all about the legs.  Just ask my BFF; that's all I kept saying when we were looking "there's no legs, I need legs!". 

So, that buy a couch part of my list -- you've been checked!  Onto the next ...

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